Display Team

An aerobatic formation display team has been formed within the Dutch Thunder Yaks. They regularly practice and fly together so that others can also enjoy these historic aircraft. The composition of the team may vary per season.
View some of the formation forms that are shown here.

#1 – Stephen “Kiwi” van Dijck (PH-DTW)
Stephen owes his nickname “Kiwi” to the fact that he was born and raised in New Zealand. He flew for 10 years as a fighter pilot on the F-16 with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. After that he was employed by KLM until 2016 on the B747-400 and B737. Since 1993 Stephen has been flying solo displays on a Glasair 3, NA-64 Yale and Sukhoi 29. Besides flying with DTY he flies on the Fokker S-11 and has been part of the display team of the Fokker Four for 20 years. “Kiwi” usually flies as lead or #4 position in the formation and does the solos.

#2 – Erik “Navy” van der Pluijm (PH-DTX)
Erik owes his nickname “Navy” to his background with the Naval Aviation Service (MLD) of the Royal Netherlands Navy. He did glider flying and later followed a flight training in Texas, USA through the Army. Via the F-27 Troopship to the Breguet Atlantic, after a year he switched to the new P3C Orion on VSQ 320. On that type he became first pilot, mission commander, instructor/examiner and demo pilot. Switched to civil aviation in 1987 where he flew A-310, Fokker 100, B767 and as captain on the B747-400. “Navy” usually flies as #2 or #3 position in the formation.

#2 – Hans Hollink (PH-DTX)
As a boy, Hans visited Schiphol Airport with his parents and made his first flight there. From that day on he was fascinated by flying. Gained a professional certificate through self-study. Worked in the “general aviation” from 1982 to 1986. Flew many hours of banner towing, made photo flights and flew sightseeing flights. Hired at Transavia Airlines in 1986 and flown a Boeing 737 there for a year. Later at KLM as co-pilot on the B737 and B747-400. Became captain of Boeing 737 and Boeing 747-400 and was an instructor at KLM for nine years. Co-owned a Boeing Stearman before purchasing the Yak-52 in 2006.

#3 – Marcel “Muscle” Lindenbergh (PH-DTM)
Marcel simply owes his nickname “Muscle” to his build. In addition to flying on the Yak-52, he also regularly flies on the F-22 Pinquino in the “Red Sensation” formation team. “Muscle” usually flies as #2 or #3 position in the formation.

#4 – Chris “Clogs” van den Broek (PH-DTY)
Chris got his nickname “Clogs” from his love of nature, logging and of course bringing those wooden shoes once to the UK during a formation training. Aviation was brought up on by three of his brothers. Started gliding at the age of 16 and started at KLM in 1986 via the Rijks Luchtvaart School as a second officer on the DC-10. Flown on Douglas DC-10, Airbus A310, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Fokker F100, Boeing B767 and as captain B777. Owner of the Yak-52 since 1996, with dog Pluk regularly riding in the back. “Clogs” usually fly in lead or #4 position in the formation and do the solos.