Mascot “Pluk”

The mascot of the DTY Display Team is ‘Pluk’, the faithful four-legged friend of Chris “Clogs” van den Broek. Flying is in Pluk’s blood. The story goes that Pluk is a grandson of the space dog Laika, who was the first in space to orbit the earth with Sputnik II. She was his great example. He completed his dog training as a navigator. The most ideal place is in the back of the Yak-52. Pluk is highly valued by all of us as a team navigator: 1x barking is left, 2x. bark to the right. If he keeps barking then it’s time to land so mister can look up a tree. Pluk is used to formation and aerobatic flying. He is often present at the airshows and is always ready for a cuddle session with the children present so that they can enjoy his charms.