The PH-DTW was built in 1991 by Aerostar in Bacau Romania with serial number 9111413 and painted in the original white with red DOSAAF colours. After the construction, the necessary test flights were made, but then the aircraft was disassembled and stored. Only in 1996 was the aircraft reassembled by the English importer Richard Goode and sold to an English owner at Lydd airfield under registration G-CBSN. Until October 2007 it had flown only 185 hours. Technically the aircraft was practically new, only the (somewhat lesser quality) Romanian paint had faded. The Dutch owner flew the aircraft to the new home base Lelystad. Since March 2013 this Yak is Dutch registered as PH-DTW. This Yak-52 is perhaps the most original aircraft within the team with its DOSAAF color scheme, although the standard 9 cylinder radial Vedeneyev M-14P engine of 360 hp has now been modified to 400 hp and is equipped with a three-bladed MT propeller.