The PH-DTX was built in 1987 under serial number 877803 and flew with the DOSAAF in the Ukraine from 1987 to 1992 under number 75. The aircraft was then stored for a number of years in a hangar in Zaporozhye in the Ukraine. In 2005 the Yak was bought by Mark Jefferies from the English company YAKUK. In January 2006 the aircraft was bought by the Dutch owner and a complete restoration was carried out by Termikas in Lithuania. In addition, the standard engine has been increased to 400 hp with a modern three-bladed MT propeller and extra fuel tanks have been installed. Since June 2006 the aircraft has moved to its home base in Lelystad and from 2013 Dutch registered as PH-DTX. The PH-DTX features a green metallic camouflage scheme.