The PH-KWI was built in 1989 at Aerostar S.A. in Romania. Under the registration UR-BFP with call sign ‘Yellow 71’ he has served in the Ukraine as a trainer in the DOSAAF of the former Soviet Union. The aircraft has been stored with less than 600 flight hours. In 2003 the aircraft underwent a full restoration at Termikas in Lithuania and the aircraft was registered as LY-AOY. After that a second life started in the UK under registration G-ETHI. In 2008 the aircraft moves to the Netherlands and is registered in the Dutch register as PH-KWI from 2013. The aircraft is still almost original with a 9 cylinder Vedeneyev M14P radial engine and a V530T-D35 propeller. The aircraft has a classic WW2 camouflage scheme of light/dark gray, a sky blue underside, a red triangle on the nose (cowling) with a white lightning bolt on the side and the original callsign 71 on the nose.