Thunder 1 “Clogs”

Chris was raised in aviation by three of his brothers, who also worked for KLM as captain. In my early childhood I was already sitting at the living room table making plastic Airfix models of all kinds of aircraft. On my 16th birthday (previously my dad wouldn’t let me) signed up for the Nijmegen Aero Club, where I floated with great pleasure for about six years. Started in the fall of 1983 at the Rijks Luchtvaart School. January 1986 started at KLM as second officer on the DC-10. Types flown by KLM: Douglas DC-10, Airbus A310, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Fokker F100, Boeing B767 and now captain B777. Together with Robert “Red Yak” de Vries I bought our Yak in 1996. After that we went to North Weald in England with him a number of times where we laid a solid foundation for formation flying. Aerobatic training I had from Russian instructors. Has held a Display Authorization for both aerobatics and formation demos for several years now. Dog Pluk regularly flies in the back. He is used to formation and aerobatic flight.