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June 15, 2024 we will be at the air show in Gelnhausen, Flugplatz-Kerb | FLY IN – AIRSHOW (flugplatzkerb-gelnhausen.de). Follow us on this website or Facebook for more news.

About us

The Dutch Thunder Yaks is a group of Yak-52 pilots who combine their interests and forces to be able to fly (formation) properly and safely with these special aircraft.

  • Calender 2024

    June 15, 2024 we will be at the airshow in Gelnhausen, Flugplatz-Kerb | FLY IN – AIRSHOW (flugplatzkerb-gelnhausen.de). Air shows or events remain difficult due to increased (fuel) costs, increased regulations and the time needed to organise an aviation event. However, we try to continue to visit fly-ins and events.

  • Fokker Four 40-years 2022

    Fokker Four 40-years 2022

    On August 31, 1982, the Fokker Four Foundation was established. The fortieth anniversary of this special foundation was therefore celebrated on August 31, 2022 with a special anniversary fly-in at the aviation museum Aviodrome. The current four Fokker S.11s of Fokker Four have been housed in the T2 hangar at Aviodrome for many years. The …

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  • Fly-in Gelnhausen 2021

    Fly-in Gelnhausen 2021

    Fortunately, in 2021 we were able to visit the fantastic fly-in at Gelnhausen organized by Benjamin Schaum with 4 aircraft. Here was also the opportunity to have a photo session with Jay Selman who had come over from the United States.

An aerobatic formation display team has been formed within the Dutch Thunder Yaks. They regularly practice and fly together so that others can also enjoy these historic aircraft.

There are a number of Yak-52s registered in the Netherlands. Read more about the aircraft of the Dutch Thunder Yaks here.